Participating Groups

Groups participating in the International Summer School include groups at IMB along with other groups within Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) and Mainz's University Medical Center (UMC).

In the application form (the link is sent to you after registration) you can select up to 5 participating groups which you would like to join for the practical part of the ISS. Please have a look at the details below and their respective research websites for more information on the research they do.

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Miguel AndradeComputational biology and data miningJGU
Peter BaumannTelomere biology and chromosomal inheritanceIMB / JGU
Petra BeliDNA damage response and proteomicsIMB
Benedikt BerningerLineage reprogramming glia into neuronsUMC
Falk ButterQuantitative proteomics in telomere biology and RNA regulationIMB
Christoph CremerEpigenetics meets superresolution light microscopyIMB
René KettingGenetic and molecular dissection of RNAi induced heterochromatinIMB
Anton KhmelinskiiProteome organisation & dynamicsIMB
Julian KönigGenomic views of protein-RNA interactions and splicing regulationIMB
Stefan LegewieKinetic modelling of alternative splicing decisionsIMB
Brian LukeCrosstalk between DNA damage checkpoints and nutrient signallingIMB / JGU
Beat LutzEpigenetic mechanisms controlling learning and memory, anxiety and stress copingUMC
Jens MarquardtMolecular mechanisms of hepatocarcinogenesis: from cellular origin to novel therapeutic targetsUMC
Christof NiehrsDNA demethylation, reprogramming and differentiationIMB
Jean-Yves RoignantThe epitranscriptome in regulation of neuronal developmentIMB
Vassilis RoukosCell biology of genome maintenanceIMB
Helle UlrichMaintenance of genome stabilityIMB
Ari WaismanDevelopment and regulation of IL-17 producing cells during inflammationUMC
Jennifer WinterRNA-mediated regulation of gene expressionUMC
Leszek WojnowskiThe transcriptional modulators of cancer chemotherapiesUMC
Eva WolfCircadian clocks as gene regulatory systemsIMB / JGU