Proteomics Core Facility

The Proteomics Core Facility provides full service for proteome analysis. We currently operate a Thermo Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer coupled to an EASY nLC 1000 uHPLC system. MS data analysis is performed with the freely available MaxQuant software.

Offered services:      

  • Protein identification from a single band
  • IP and whole proteome quantification (SILAC)       
  • Dimethyl labeling for quantification of IP or whole proteome      
  • SILAC incorporation check

Service includes consultation, sample preparation and mass spectrometry measurement, as well as initial bioinformatics analysis and is available for IMB and external users. Further analyses can be done in collaboration with the Core Facility.

We support researchers in using stable isotope labeling in cell culture (SILAC) for diverse cell models and model organisms, and provide regular hands-on training in modern mass spectrometry techniques to interested researchers at IMB.

For further information and quotes or services that are not listed above, please contact the Proteomics Core Facility team (proteomics(at)