Upcoming Events

Below please find a list of upcoming training events held at IMB for members of the International PhD Programme (IPP) on "Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability", the IMB Postdoc Programme (IPPro), the RTG GenEvo, the RTG 4R, the iRTG of the SFB1361 and the iRTG of the SFB1551. Courses are open also to other young scientists for a fee covering the costs of trainer and course organisation.

If there is no other information in the course description, all courses are taking place at IMB, Ackermannweg 4, 55128 Mainz (University Campus).
* Costs for members of the IPP, IPPro, SFB 1361, SFB1551, 4R and GenEvo are covered by the respective programmes.

Date Event Further information
05.07.2023Effective Communication

Trainer: Imke Lode (ProSciencia)

Date and Time: 5 + 6 July 2023, 9:00-17:00

Venue: tentative: onsite

Target group: PhD students & Postdocs


This is a 2-day highly interactive workshop with trainer input, exemplary critical situations, plenary reflections and discussions, individual and group exercises as well as trainer feedback. The aim of this seminar is to gain professional competences for everyday academic life.

The following topics will be covered:


  • What constitutes a successful diverse, multi-national scientific team?
  • Your critical experiences with multi-national scientific teams
  • Circle of Causes of Conflicts and the 4 Dimensions of Diversity
  • Our Diversity, Perception, and Cultural Imprints as an Orientation System
  • Iceberg models of Culture and Communication
  • Key Cultural Imprints: their impact on cooperation & communication, working relations, and learning & teaching by and in multi-national scientific teams
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Building intercultural bridges
  • Team development and collaboration in successful diverse scientific teams
  • 4 Sides of Communication
  • Non-violent Communication as interculturally aware form of communication
  • Flower-Model: Diversity- and Intercultural Competences for your teamwork


Please register by 7 June 2023

To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


10.07.2023Proposal Writing - Key factors for success

Trainer: Dr. Wilma Simoleit

Date & Time: 10 July 2022 (9:00 -17:00)

Venue: online

Target group: PhD students 2nd year and up and Postdocs


To attract funding for the own position or the realization of project ideas is a major basis for success in science. In this workshop the participants train to write a convincing proposal. The design of the workshop is such, that you will work with your current or a future scientific subject in order to apply the content of the workshop directly to your specific needs. Major focus of the proposal writing will be a strong title, a convincing summary and strategic considerations to develop a project plan with an adequate budget. We will discuss the concept and content of proposals, their evaluation and principles of the funding system with relevance for proposal writing. You also get to know unwritten rules you should keep in mind, when applying for extramural funds. Optional, participants, who are currently writing a proposal can bring their summary for analysis and further development. 


Please register by 12 June 2023

To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


03.08.2023How to make your next job application a success

Trainer: Dr. Prateek Mahalwar

Date and Time: 3 & 4 August 2023, 09:00-17:00

Target group: Postdocs; senior PhD students

Venue: IMB


During the workshop the participants will have a chance to learn about the following topics:


  • How to make a professional CV and cover letter
  • How to identify potential fitting jobs
  • Tailoring CV and cover letter to specific applications
  • Individual feedback on CVs
  • How to prepare for interviews outside academia
  • Most common pitfalls at interviews
  • How to answer standard and difficult interview questions
  • Interview practice in small groups


Please register by 23 June 2023

To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


12.09.2023Presentation Skills

Trainer: Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

Date and Time: 12 + 13 September 2023, (1st day: 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00; 2nd day: 9:00-12:00)

Target group: PhD students

Venue: tentative: onsite


This module helps students to improve their personal online presentation skills. This session is a combination of a lecture followed by a practical part with exercises, which turn the acquired knowledge into personal experience. Topics are, among others: how to structure a presentation so that the audience can it follow easily, designing slides, making the best possible use of visual aids and technical equipment, dealing with interruptions, handling questions, keeping an eye on the time and the best way of finishing in a hurry, common mistakes, what to do when nervous, how to give proper feedback, etc. Furthermore, non-native speakers of English are given tips on spoken language and a number of phrases they can use e.g. for transition. Exercises deal with posture, breathing, voice and body language. The most important part, though, are the individual presentations given by the students. The students are given individual feedback. Every student prepares a 3-min talk.


Please register by 11 August 2023


To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


19.09.2023Adobe Illustrator - Beginner

Trainer: Christian Nuber

Date and Time: 19 September 2023, 9:00-17:00

Venue: tentative: onsite

Target group: Postdocs & PhD students


This beginners' course aims at PhD students and junior scientists who want to learn how to make figures and drawings for scientific publications / posters using Adobe illustrator.


Please register by 18 August 2023


To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


25.09.2023Data Visualisation for Scientists

Trainer: Gabriela Plucinska

Date and Time: 25 + 28 September 2023

Target group: Postdocs, PhD students & Research Staff

Venue: 1 day online, 1 day onsite (tbc which day online)


Scientific audience relies on visual proof of your data, and the majority of researchers judge a paper solely by the figures. This means good figure design is what can make or break your publishing chances. In this workshop you will learn the basic principles of design-thinking and how to put them to practice. You will learn which questions to ask yourself before you begin, how to start designing and edit your work based on feedback. What will we cover:


  • Design Thinking methodology
  • Principles of design (layouts, chart types, colour, etc)
  • Practical exercises of figure design


You will work on practical examples of figure design in group exercises and receive feedback on your work. Participants are also welcome to submit in advance their own work.

Note: Participants are advised that this course focuses on design principles and as such will not cover use of any particular design software.


Please register by 25 August 2023

To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de