Upcoming Events

Below please find a list of upcoming training events held at IMB for members of the International PhD Programme (IPP) on "Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability", the IMB Postdoc Programme (IPPro), the RTG GenEvo, the RTG 4R, the iRTG of the SFB1361 and the iRTG of the SFB1551. Courses are open also to other young scientists for a fee covering the costs of trainer and course organisation.

If there is no other information in the course description, all courses are taking place at IMB, Ackermannweg 4, 55128 Mainz (University Campus).
* Costs for members of the IPP, IPPro, SFB 1361, SFB1551, 4R and GenEvo are covered by the respective programmes.

To register, please fill in the course registration form (assoc. programmes) or email training(at)imb.de (externals).

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True Data - 12+13 June 2024

Trainer: Martin Michel
Date: 12 + 13 June 2024
Venue: onsite
Target group: PhD students & young scientists
The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to a) generate high-quality, reproducible and robust data and b) better understand published data. Specific topics to be covered include: origins of poor data robustness, sources of bias beyond study design, false discovery rate, reproducible data analysis.


Please register by 13 May 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Scientific Writing - 18+19 June 2024

Trainer: Christina Schuette
Date and Time: 18 + 19 June 2024, 9:00-17:00
Target group: PhD students
Venue: onsite
2-day interactive event with trainer input and exercises to introduce academic writing in English.
- Course content: Good and bad scientific texts / Messages - formulating main statements clearly / Presenting results: Figures and legends / Writing exercises followed by feedback, working with own texts / Parts of a paper / Writing English texts / Writing strategies / Publication process.
- Preliminary work by the participants: Analysis of a paper


Please register by 17 May 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Project management - 8+9 July 2024 (1h kick-off on 17 May 2024)

Trainer: Dr. Karen Dittmann
Date & Time: 8 + 9 July 2024, 9-17:00 (mandatory 1-hour kick-off meeting on 17 May at 9:00h)
Venue: Online
Target group: senior PhD students, Postdocs
This course prepares participants for the Basic Project Management Certification (GPM, IPMA- Standard ICB4) and includes:

  • 1h Kick-off (17 May, 9:00-10:00): Introduction to the Project Management Academy, Blended Learning, Teambuilding
  • Lunch Meetings: participants meet with the trainer once a month to discuss questions regarding the learning process
  • Self-learning phase
  • Admittance test to live online seminar: only participants that have passed this test will be admitted to the live online seminar on 8+9 July
  • Live online seminar (8+9 July 2024, full day): goal of this seminar is to introduce PM-foundations, project simulation and intensive preparation for the certification exam (voluntary at own cost).
    Topics include: project design; stakeholder management; goals and requirements; risk management; quality management; scope and deliverables; schedules; cost planning; and communication.

*IMPORTANT: Participants agree to cover the full cost of their participation in the course if they do not pass the admittance test and are not admitted to the live online seminar. 
When asked to confirm their attendance via email, participants will be asked to explicitly agree with these terms. Details, including the course price, will be communicated in this email.*

Please register by 22 April 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de