Core Facilities Lectures on Modern Techniques in Life Sciences

The IMB Core Facilities Lecture Series gives introductions to the state-of-the art techniques in the life sciences. Lectures are given by experts from the Core Facilities on the latest technologies in the fields of Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Microscopy, Proteomics and Protein Production.

  • When? – 10:00-11.30 on Monday mornings (see schedule below)
  • Where? – IMB seminar room (Note: Due to COVID-19, CF lectures are now held online until further notice.)
  • For whom? – Lectures are open to everyone and some count towards the MSc credit programme at JGU

In addition, IMB's Core Facilities also runs practical training courses on:

  • Bioinformatics (R, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Proteomics
  • Superresolution microscopy

The 2021 Core Facilities lecture programme starts in April, and the full schedule can be found below.

Core Facilities Lectures 2021

Lecturer Title Date Slides
Martin Möckel

Molecular & Biochemistry Techniques

12-04-2021 Click here
Petri Turunen

Introduction to Microscopy

19-04-2021 Click here
Márton Gelléri

Microscopy: F-Techniques and Super-Resolution

26-04-2021 Click here
Sandra Ritz

Histology and Fluorescent Labeling

03-05-2021 Click here
Eva Wolf/Martin Möckel

Protein Production and Crystallography

10-05-2021 Click here
Miguel Andrade

Databases in Bioinformatics

17-05-2021 Click here
Andreas Vonderheit

Image Manipulation: The Slippery Slope to Misconduct

31-05-2021 Click here
Maria Mendez Lago

Genomics (NGS)

07-06-2021 Click here
Anke Busch/Nastasja Kreim

Design and Analysis of NGS Experiments

14-06-2021 Click here
Stefanie Möckel

Flow Cytometry

21-06-2021 Click here
Uwe Wolfrum/Frank Depoix

Electron Microscopy

28-06-2021 Click here
Falk Butter


05-07-2021 Click here