Genomics Core Facility

The Genomics Core Facility provides services in next-generation sequencing (NGS) for both DNA and RNA sequence analysis. Genomics Core Facility staff undertake all the experimental and quality control processes required for NGS using the Illumina platform. These services include sample preparation and data generation followed by the delivery of partially analysed sequence information back to our researchers. Currently we support the library construction for mRNA, small RNA and total RNA-seq, (D)RIP-seq, ChIP-seq, CUT&RUN, Amplicon-seq and GLOE-seq, among others. In addition, we offer 10x genomics applications for single cell sequencing workflows for sc-RNA or Multiome library sequencing. As more customized workflows are being established, please check back for updates. 

Data generated by the Genomics Core Facility can be funneled directly to our Bioinformatics Core Facility and analysed using the informatics tools provided to our in-house researchers.

For further information please contact the Head of the Genomics Core Facility, genomics(at)