IMB’s Scientific Events Office organises a wide range of events, where outstanding scientists can share and discuss the latest research and techniques. These include the institute's annual Conference, the international Seminar and Lecture Series, workshops, meetings and other institutional events.

Furthermore, the Events Office supports IMB researchers in hosting their own events by:

  • Helping to find funding for events
  • Managing events, including the invitation of speakers, arranging their travel, booking and preparing venues, advertising the event, managing registrations and participants, catering etc.
  • Offering on-site administrative and technical support
  • Managing post-event matters

Please visit our webpage for more details about upcoming seminars and events at IMB. 

For further information regarding events management at IMB, please contact:

Mary R. Montemayor-Hielscher
Head of Communications & Events

Franziska Hensel
Events Manager

Nina Knoll
Events Assistant

Emily Charles
Science Manager