Microscopy Core Facility


The Microscopy Core Facility provides hands-on training and access to various state-of-the-art microscopes, ranging from stereo microscopes to super-resolution microscopes and image processing stations, as well as bench space and cell culture facilities for transient sample preparation.

After an introduction and training on the specific systems by Microscopy Core Facility staff, users can book and use the microscopes and image processing stations.

The Microscopy Core Facility also offers advanced training through practical courses and a variety of lectures. Lectures include a general Introduction to Microscopy, F-Techniques and Super-Resolution, Histology and Fluorescent Labeling, as well as Image Manipulation: The Slippery Slope to Misconduct. The courses provided range from practical classes about Confocal- and Super-resolution microscopy and Basics in Histology to software courses such as Image Processing and Analysis (e.g. from basics to simple macro programming in Fiji, Icy, Deconvolution with Huygens, Imaris).

The lectures and courses will be given once a year (see our Core Facility Lectures).

The Microscopy Core Facility is located on the ground floor and in the basement of IMB and is open 24/7 for trained IMB users. Support by the Microscopy Core Facility team is available Monday-Friday during our normal working hours (Mon-Fri, from 08:30 to 18:00).

For further information please contact the Microscopy Core Facility staff at microscopy(at)imb.de.  

We are a member of German BioImaging (GerBI):www.germanbioimaging.org