RNA-mediated regulation of gene expression

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Positions held

  • Since 2013: Head of Molecular Cytogenetic Diagnostics, Institute of Human Genetics, University Medical Center (UMC), Mainz
  • Since 2012: Group leader, Institute of Human Genetics, University Medical Center (UMC), Mainz
  • 2008 - 2012: Project group leader, department of Molecular Embryology, MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Freiburg


  • Since 2013: Further education as Fachhumangenetikerin
  • Since 2012: Preparation of habilitation
  • 2003 - 2008: Postdoctoral research with Dr. S. Schweiger, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
  • 2000 - 2003: PhD with Dr. S. Schweiger, Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
  • 2000: Diploma thesis at the German Rheumatism Research Centre Berlin; Diploma in Biology, University Bielefeld

Selected publications by Jennifer Winter

Casanovas S, Schlichtholz L, Mühlbauer S, Dewi S, Schüle M, Strand D, Strand S, Zografidou L, Winter J (2020) Rbfox1 Is Expressed in the Mouse Brain in the Form of Multiple Transcript Variants and Contains Functional E Boxes in Its Alternative Promoters. Front Mol Neurosci, 13:66 Link

Kahrizi K, Huber M, Galetzka D, Dewi S, Schröder J, Weis E, Kariminejad A, Fattahi Z, Ropers HH, Schweiger S, Najmabadi H, Winter J (2019) Homozygous variants in the gene SCAPER cause syndromic intellectual disability. Am J Med Genet A, 179(7):1214-1225 Link

Wenzel M, Schüle M, Casanovas S, Strand D, Strand S, Winter J (2016) Identification of a classic nuclear localization signal at the N terminus that regulates the subcellular localization of Rbfox2 isoforms during differentiation of NMuMG and P19 cells. FEBS Lett, 590(24):4453-4460 Link

Rago L, Beattie R, Taylor V, Winter J (2014) miR379-410 cluster miRNAs regulate neurogenesis and neuronal migration by fine-tuning N-cadherin. EMBO J, 33(8):906-20 Link

Braeutigam C, Rago L, Rolke A, Waldmeier L, Christofori G, Winter J (2014) The RNA-binding protein Rbfox2: an essential regulator of EMT-driven alternative splicing and a mediator of cellular invasion. Oncogene, 33(9):1082-92 Link