Ubiquitin, SUMO and the Maintenance of Genome Stability

Helle Ulrich

Positions held

  • Since 2013: Scientific Director, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz; Professor, Faculty of Biology, University of Mainz
  • 2004-2012: Group Leader, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, Clare Hall Laboratories
  • 2000-2004: Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg
  • 1998-2000: Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried
  • 1997-1998: Postdoc, University of Heidelberg


  • 2004: Habilitation, Faculty of Biology (Genetics), Philipps University Marburg
  • 1996: PhD in Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1992: Diploma in Biology, Georg-August-University Göttingen

Most relevant publications by Helle Ulrich

Saugar I, Parker JL, Zhao S and Ulrich HD (2012). The genome maintenance factor Mgs1 is targeted to sites of replication stress by ubiquitylated PCNA. Nucleic Acids Res, 40, 245-257

Daigaku Y, Davies AA and Ulrich HD (2010). Ubiquitin-dependent DNA damage bypass is separable from genome replication. Nature, 465, 951-955

Davies AA, Neiss A and Ulrich HD (2010). Ubiquitylation of the 9-1-1 checkpoint clamp is independent of Rad6-Rad18 and DNA damage. Cell, 141, 1080-1087

Zhao S and Ulrich HD (2010). Distinct consequences of post-translational modification by linear versus K63-linked polyubiquitin chains. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 107, 7704-7709

Parker JL and Ulrich HD (2009). Mechanistic analysis of PCNA poly-ubiquitylation by the ubiquitin protein ligases Rad18 and Rad5. EMBO J, 28, 3657-3666


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