IMB Postdoc Programme

Poster IMB Postdoc Call

The IMB Postdoc Programme has been established to meet the specific needs of our postdoctoral researchers and to ensure that they are able to build the strongest possible foundation for success in their future careers. Within the IMB Postdoc Programme, we

  • offer advanced training in scientific techniques and professional skills
  • provide mentorship and networking opportunities
  • offer career development activities
  • support postdocs with raising funds.

You can find more details on training activities here.

How to become a postdoc at IMB

There are two ways to apply for postdoc positons at IMB:

1. Individual applications:
Please check the job offers on our website or contact the group leader whose lab you are interested in joining directly. Please visit the research pages for more details of IMB’s groups and the research they do.

2. Application within the IPPro Postdoc Call 2018/19
We are currently accepting applications to the IMB Postdoc Progamme (IPPro) within a centralized call for postdoc applications. Please find the projects offered and information on how to apply here.

As a postdoc at IMB, you can  take part in and benefit from IPPro's activities, regardless of the recruiting scheme.


If you would like to know more about IMB's Postdoc Programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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