PhD projects offered - IPP spring call 2017

The International PhD Programme includes groups at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU), Mainz's University Medical Centre (UMC). Those offering a position are listed below. Note that not all groups involved in the IPP offer a position every call. 

The list below shows groups offering a PhD position in our spring call 2017.

By registering you express interest to apply, and you ask referees to send a reference letter to us. In the application form (the link is sent when you register) you select from all IPP groups up to 5 recruiting groups in your field of interest. Do not select groups which are not listed on this page.
You can still modify or extend this selection if you are invited to our interview days and come to know the Group Leaders in person.

Genome stability & DNA repair

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Christof NiehrsDNA demethylation and development IMB
Helle UlrichDNA damage processing during genome replicationIMB
Vassilis RoukosDissecting mechanisms of tumorigenic chromosome translocations IMB

Epigenetics & Gene regulation

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Falk ButterQuantitative proteomicsIMB
Benedikt BerningerLineage reprogramming glia into neuronsUMC
Wolfram RufCoagulation signaling in innate immunityUMC
Helen May-SimeraPrimary cilia and microRNAJGU
Ari WaismanRegulation of Inflammatory Responses of the Blood Brain BarrierUMC
Soojin RyuDevelopmental Mechanism Underlying Stress ResilienceUMC
Vijay TiwariEpigenetic Regulation of Development and DiseaseIMB
René KettingSmall RNA Biology in Germ CellsIMB
Jean-Yves RoignantmRNA Modifications during development and diseaseIMB
Mark HelmEpitranscriptome MappingJGU
Susanne StrandEpigenetic Regulation in Liver DiseaseUMC

Computational biology & omics

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Miguel AndradeComputational Biology and Data MiningJGU/IMB
Falk ButterQuantitative proteomicsIMB
Vijay TiwariEpigenetic Regulation of Development and DiseaseIMB

Analytical Biochemistry

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Andreas DaiberRedox biology in the cardiovascular systemUMC

Biophysics & Microscopy

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Christoph CremerSuper-Resolution Microscopy of Nuclear NanostructureIMB