Gene expression control by chromatin remodellers

1 PhD project offered in the IPP winter call 2022/2023

Scientific Background

Cellular state and functions are ensured by appropriate temporal and spatial control of gene expression. To this end, many factors act in a highly coordinated manner to enable the transcription of specific genes. In recent years, it has been shown that these factors can also be locally concentrated in cells to assure stable expression of cell identity genes. Another level of regulation is added by controlling the accessibility of gene regulatory regions for these factors by BAF chromatin remodelers. The latter displace or evict nucleosomes in an ATP-dependent manner. Their importance is underlined by the fact that mutations in genes encoding for subunits of these complexes are found in more than 20% of all human cancers and also in developmental diseases.

PhD project: Chromatin and transcriptional control by BAF chromatin remodellers

In this project, we aim to elucidate the regulatory interactions between these factors and genome control in cell culture models using state-of-the-art technologies. These include genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9, a variety of proteomics and genomics approaches, different imaging techniques and various molecular biology and functional assays.  

We are therefore looking for a highly motivated PhD student who is experienced in the lab, enthusiastic about science and has a strong interest in tackling scientific questions in an interdisciplinary way. Computational skills are an asset but not compulsory. The student will work closely together with another PhD student, but will also interact tightly with the other members of the international and young team, collaborators, and IMB core facilities. 

Publications relevant to the project

Schick et al Nature Genetics 2019 
Schick et al Nature Genetics 2021 
Varga et al Biochem Soc Trans 2021 

Contact Details

Dr. Sandra Schick

Institute of Molecular Biology, IMB Mainz