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IMB publishes second Annual Report

IMB has published its second Annual Report. To read about what the Institute of Molecular Biology was working on in 2012, please click here.[more]


IMB Scientists Identify Key Event for Sex Determination

Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz have identified a protein essential for initiating the development of male sex organs. Loss of the gene Gadd45g results in complete sex reversal of male mice,...[more]


Leading expert in DNA Damage Signalling joins IMB as Scientific Director

The Institute of Molecular Biology appoints Prof. Helle Ulrich as its third Scientific Director. Prof. Ulrich is a world leader in the field of DNA damage tolerance. Her research group undertakes innovative studies into how...[more]


Vijay Tiwari awarded prestigious grant to study how cancer cells transform to become invasive

Dr Vijay Tiwari, a Group Leader at IMB, is one of only eleven Young Investigators to have been awarded a prestigious grant from the EpiGeneSys Network of Excellence this year. The €150,000 award incorporates Dr Tiwari into a...[more]


Stefan Legewie Receives 1.14 Million Euro to Model Biological Networks

Dr Stefan Legewie, a Group Leader at IMB, has been awarded 1.14 Million Euro by the BMBF to investigate how intracellular signalling networks manage to function precisely in the face of constantly changing environments. The...[more]


IMB appoints second Scientific Director

The Institute of Molecular Biology appoints Prof. René Ketting as its second Scientific Director. René Ketting, [40], is a leading molecular biologist who will be focussing on the biology of non-coding RNAs. He will introduce...[more]


IMB seeks new Group Leader in Proteomics

Candidates with an innovative research profile & a strong publication record invited to apply...[more]


2nd International PhD Programme call now open

We offer exciting, interdisciplinary projects & advanced training in scientific & transferrable skills [more]


IMB publishes first Annual Report

IMB has now published its first Annual Report. To read about what the Institute of Molecular Biology has achieved in its first year, please click here.[more]


IMB starts International Summer School

In 2012, IMB will hold its first International Summer School / Cooperation with Johannes Gutenberg University and University Medical Center Mainz / 12 extraordinarily talented students from around the world get the opportunity to...[more]


Three new Group Leaders join IMB

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz has marked the start of 2012 with the groups of Drs Jean-Yves Roignant, Natalia Soshnikova and Vijay Tiwari beginning their research into epigenetic process that control...[more]


IMB starts new International PhD Programme on “Dynamics of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and DNA Damage Response“ in Mainz

Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation funds a new International PhD-Programme, in which 30 outstanding doctoral students from all over the world will work on innovative research projects / programme is coordinated by the Institute of...[more]


Holger Richly joins IMB to study stem cell differentiation and ageing

On 1st July Dr. Holger Richly joined the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) as the first of a second wave of new Group Leaders. His research aims at understanding how stem cells differentiate and why we grow old.[more]


IMB scientists find new regulatory mechanism

A recent study by IMB scientists uncovers a novel role for negative feedback of BMP4 in embryonic development.[more]


IMB officially opened 11 March 2011

Festive opening of the Institute of Molecular Biology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz[more]