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The poly(A) detector: how cells avoid making toxic proteins

For more information click here [more]


Dividing cells fix damaged DNA in nuclear PORTs

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IPP's Winter Call 2019 is now OPEN!

Apply by 19 Nov. For more information click here


Peter Baumann elected as EMBO member

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2019 IMB Conference "Chromosome Territories & Nuclear Architecture"

Registration is still available. Click here


Joan Barau joins IMB as a junior group leader

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Designing organelles to produce synthetic proteins

For information on the latest Science paper from Edward Lemke of IMB & JGU click here [more]


R-loops, a bookmark for gene expression

Research from the Niehrs' group unveils how R-loops are read to control gene activity [more]


IMB is recruiting Group Leaders

IMB is looking for for Research Group Leaders, both wet lab & computational biology. Click here for more.


Dealing with new neighbours: Keeping genes active after transposon insertion

New research from the Butter group in Science describes how DNA methylation can activate genes [more]


The DFG approves a Collaborative Research Centre on DNA Repair and Genome Stability

The cordinated programme is lead by Helle Ulrich from IMB. For more information click here [more]


IMB's Natalia Soshnikova accepted into the DFG’s Heisenberg Programme

As part of the Heisenberg Programme Natalia will continue her research on gut development [more]