Genomic views of protein-RNA interactions and splicing regulation

Positions held

  • Since 2013: Group Leader, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz
  • 2008-2013: Postdoctoral Researcher, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge


  • 2008: PhD in Biology, Phillip University, Marburg
  • 2003: Diploma in Biology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

Recent publications by Julian König

Almeida MV, Dietz S, Redl S, Karaulanov E, Hildebrandt A, Renz C, Ulrich HD, König J, Butter F, Ketting RF (2018). GTSF-1 is required for formation of a functional RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase complex in Caenorhabditis elegans.EMBO J, 37(12). pii: e99325

Sutandy FXR, Ebersberger S, Huang L, Busch A, Bach M, Kang HS, Fallmann J, Maticzka D, Backofen R, Stadler PF, Zarnack K, Sattler M, Legewie S#, König J# (2018). In vitro iCLIP-based modeling uncovers how the splicing factor U2AF2 relies on regulation by cofactors. Genome Res, 28(5):699-713 (#indicates joint correspondence)

Hildebrandt A, Alanis-Lobato G, Zarnack K, Andrade-Navarro MA, Beli P# and König J# (2017). The interaction profile of RNA-binding ubiquitin ligases reveals a link between posttranscriptional regulation and the ubiquitin system. Sci Rep, 7(1):16582 (#indicates joint correspondence)

Attig J, Mozos I, Haberman N, Wang Z, Emmett W, Zarnack K, König J# and Ule J# (2016). Splicing repression allows the gradual emergence of new Alu-exons in primate evolution. eLife, 5, e19545 (#indicates joint correspondence)

Sutandy FX*, Hildebrandt A* and König J (2016). Profiling the binding sites of RNA-binding proteins with nucleotide resolution using iCLIP.Methods Mol Biol, 1358, 175-195 (*indicates joint contribution)

Coelho MB, Attig J, Bellora N, König J, Hallegger M, Kayikci M, Eyras E, Ule J and Smith CW (2015). Nuclear matrix protein Matrin3 regulates alternative splicing and forms overlapping regulatory networks with PTB.EMBO J, 34, 653-668

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