IMB is an international research institute that provides the perfect atmosphere to study epigenetic gene regulation, genome stability, developmental biology and the interfaces between these fields. We provide excellent opportunities for scientists at every stage of their career.

International PhD Programme

PhD students at IMB are part of our International PhD Programme. Click here for more information on being a student and how to apply. 

Postdoc Programme

Our recently established Postdoc Programme provides junior researchers with the support they need to build a strong foundation for their careers. Click here for more information on being a postdoc at IMB. If you are interested in applying as a postdoc, check our jobs page for current vacancies, or contact Group Leaders directly for speculative applications. 

Group Leaders

IMB regularly publishes calls for new Group Leaders. However, we are always on the lookout to support outstanding young scientists who are looking to start an independent group. If you have a record of scientific excellence, are planning to apply for grants to cover your salary and group (e.g. DFG's Emmy Noether Grant, ERC consolidator grant) and would be interested in establishing your group at IMB, please get in touch with our grants office.


Scientific career networks

IMB aims to make the decision to move to Mainz as easy as possible by providing supporting not just your career, but also that of your partner. The institute is part of local and regional initiatives that aim to improve contacts between companies and academic institutes, and promote scientific research and collaborations in the region. These include: