Networking Events

As an IPP student, you will be part of a large IPP community consisting of more than 140 PhD students and 48 group leaders from about 40 different countries. To facilitate scientific exchange and foster research collaborations between these groups, we organise regular IPP networking events.

IPP Student Retreat

Each year, a team of IPP students organise a retreat for all IPP students to attend, featuring a touristically and scientifically interesting venue. These retreats include a visit to a scientific institution or company, scientific presentations and discussions among the students and external speakers, and team-building activities.

IPP Symposium

The annual IPP Symposium is organised as a scientific conference and provides an open forum for students to discuss the latest research within the IPP groups. Each year, all IPP students present either a poster or a talk and receive direct feedback on their scientific work. Through discussions with their peers and leading scientists within the IPP, students foster ideas and support for new approaches.

Social Activities

As another way to bring our community closer together, we also support our IPP students by organising a range of social activities in IMB's spacious Science Lounge and in the city of Mainz. All these events create a tight-knit community of students sharing not only research ideas but also other interests and experiences during their life as an IPP student in Germany.