Scientific seminars, courses & events

At IMB, we host numerous scientific seminars and events to help promote scientific exchange, new ideas and international collaboration between our postdocs and the wider scientific community, such as:

  • The IMB's seminar series, to attend talks held by invited speakers who are leaders in the fields of gene regulation, epigenetics, geneome stability & DNA repair

  • The annual IMB Conferences, to share and discuss the latest advances in the fields of IMB's research focus with outstading international scientists

  • Dedicated lectures on epigenetics, gene regulation, genome stability & DNA repair held by leading scientists of IMB, the Johannes Gutenberg University & the University Medical Center, to broaden your knowledge

  • Weekly internal seminars, followed by common lunch for all scientists at IMB in our spacious science lounge, to receive feedback about your research work and to stay up-to-date with the scientific progress made at IMB

  • Biennial IMB retreats, to discuss more in-depth IMB’s ground-breaking research at poster sessions and talks, and to lay the ground to further cooperation with your colleagues

  • A broad range of additional events, to meet and discuss with experts working on cutting-edge topics in the fields of RNA, genome stability, microscopy and more