Being a postdoc at IMB

Postdocs at IMB have access to a wide range of training resources, both in terms of scientific and professional skills. IMB also recognises the need for career development support for postdocs at this crucial stage in their career. This is provided through various initiatives.

Scientific lectures, courses and events

Training in professional skills

We offer lectures, workshops and other activities to provide training in a variety of professional skills, which are vital for a successful career both in and outside academia. These include (but are not limited to):

  • scientific writing & grant proposal writing
  • how to give effective presentations
  • leadership and management skills
  • project management
  • negotiation skills
  • job application & interview preparation


As a matter of course, all postdocs receive day-to-day supervision and advice directly from their group leaders. In addition to this, the mentoring scheme offered through the Postdoc Programme at IMB enables postdocs to have focused discussions about their career with knowledgeable senior scientific staff. Mentors will either be a Scientific Director at IMB or a senior scientist from another institution with significant experience of the challenges of building a career in or outside of academia, who will be able to discuss career options and job applications, and how to prepare for managing your own lab.

Career opportunities

Career events at IMB provide talks from a range of potential employers, as well as workshops and coaching relevant to postdocs. The Postdoc Programme also organises talks by representatives from local scientific companies, and has set up company site visits, so that IMB postdocs have the opportunity to learn more about career opportunities that exist outside of academia. Additionally, the postdoc community at IMB provides training for applications and interview preparation.


Postdocs at IMB are offered full support in their applications for funding. The IMB Grants Office provides assistance with applying for fellowships, as well as project and travel grants.