Upcoming Events

Below please find a list of upcoming training events held at IMB for students of the International PhD Programme on "Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability" and/or IMB postdocs. Courses are open to other young scientists for a fee covering the costs of trainer and course organisation.

If there is no other information in the course description, all courses are taking place at IMB, Ackermannweg 4, 55128 Mainz (University Campus).

Date Event Further information
11.04.2019Scientific Writing

Referent: Dr. Christina Schütte, ProSciencia Beratungs-GmbH
Date & Time: 11 + 12 April 2019
Target group: PhD students in Life Science
• structure of scientific publications
• writing fluently in English
• design of illustrations and keys
• strategies for writing publications

Preliminary Work to be done by the participants:

• analysing a paper
• defining your research question
• developing an illustration of a result (including key & text that is describing the illustration)
• strategies for writing publications

Please apply by 17 March 2019
Fee for non-IPP participants: EUR 300



03.06.2019Negotiation for Scientists

Trainer: Matthieu Kollig
Date: 3 June 2019, 1 day
Target group: Postdocs

Are you going to lead a research group in the future? Will you be contributing to the success of a project as a team member? Are you going to cooperate with external partners? Leadership and cooperation in research projects require negotiation skills. All partners profit from discovering win-win options. And drawing a line where necessary helps to avoid inefficiency.

This course makes you aware of your existing negotiation skills and invites you to expand them. It makes you aware of your personal negotiation style and fosters your strategic thinking.

You …
- gain new insights into your negotiation style
- are aware of when challenges at work require negotiation skills
- know what successful negotiators do in different phases of negotiation
- consciously adapt your negotiation strategies
- foster innovation through cooperative negotiation
- provide clarity by regulating the interaction of project partners
- profit from a systematic analysis to resolve conflict

Please apply by 29 April 2019.
Fee for non-IMB participants: EUR 150

10.09.2019Writing from submission to publication

Getting your paper “through the hoops”: Writing for greatest success, from submission to publication

Trainer: Andrew Moore - Editor-in-Chief at Wiley-VCH
Date & time: 10 September 2019
Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Writing successfully starts with knowing and understanding for whom you are writing, and their expectations.

Often, getting good research through the “editorial checkpoint”, through review and into publication is not so much about radically changing the research and the core of the paper, but rather about how you can tailor your writing to engage and inform your audiences optimally: the best science in the world simply won’t be recognized as such if it’s organized and written badly.

In this workshop, we’ll explore in theory and practice the written communication in, and accompanying, your research paper from the point of screening by the receiving editor, through peer review, and ending with readership engagement. You can look forward to interactive exercises, short writing assignments, and the chance to bring along your paper-in-progress as an example if you wish! You’ll also have the chance to ask questions about editorial, peer review and decision making – the bread-and-butter of an editor’s work.

Please register by 15 August 2019.

18.11.2019 Agile Project Management

Trainer: Nuno Pais
Date: 18 November 2019, 1 day
Target group: Postdocs

Are you going to manage complex, innovative projects in the future? Do you expect that the objectives of the projects might change? Will the steps towards success be unclear? Will you cooperate with multiple partners? If so, you might want to explore project management approaches that facilitate fast and efficient adaptation to unexpected challenges.

This course enables you to understand the concept of agile project management. It presents you methods which can help you to limit risk, provide transparency and adapt to changing demands through short, high value iterations in your projects.

You ...
- understand the characteristics of complex projects
- know the foundations for agility in project management
- know how to plan your agile project and what it takes to do so
- understand the success factors for your agile projects
- know how to set up a collaborative agile project team
- are aware of group development stages and what enhances team work

Please apply by 7 October 2019.
Fee for non-IMB participants: EUR 150