Advanced Training Programme

Careers in science are taking place in an increasingly complex and competitive international environment. As a consequence, to be successful young researchers (i.e. PhD Students and Postdocs) need training in a variety of  transferable skills in addition to their scientific training. The Advanced Training Programme (ATP) helps young life science researchers  acquire these skills through a range of lectures, workshops and other activities. Training events include courses on statistics for life science and biomedical researchers and transferable skills training regarding:

  • Scientific writing
  • How to give effective presentations
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Proposal writing and acquisition of grants
  • Intellectual property rights and patenting
  • Career development and application

Furthermore, annual Career Days inform researchers of the range of vocations available to them and the skills needed to be successful within them.

As the Ci3 Training Programme has closed further courses offered will not be free of charge anymore
In addition, IMB runs a range of other training activities that are open to young researchers. These include:

  • A block week of lectures providing background information to the research of IMB and of all the Group Leaders involved with the International PhD Programme that IMB coordinates.
  • A regular series of Seminars, Lectures and TechTalks that are open to all researchers. At these events internationally outstanding scientists present their research as well as the latest technological developments. The schedule for these events can be found here.
  • A lecture series targeted at undergraduate and graduate students giving an "Introduction to Epigenetics". The schedule for these lectures can be found here
  • Regular introductory and advanced lectures by IMB’s Core Facilities. These Core Facilities cover advanced microscopy, histology, cytometry, genomics, proteomics (being established) and bioinformatics.
  • Annual high-profile conferences that are attended by speakers and delegates from a wide range of nationalities and disciplines. These can be attended by all researchers who want to hear about the latest findings within IMB’s research focus.

This training is designed to provide young researchers with a wide breadth of skills and knowledge and will enable them to be successful in whatever future career they wish to take up.

To keep up to date with IMB’s training and other activities follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest announcements, or contact us here.