Advanced Training Programme

Careers in science are taking place in an increasingly complex and competitive international environment. As a consequence, to be successful, young researchers (i.e. PhD Students and Postdocs) need training in a variety of professional skills in addition to their scientific training. The Advanced Training Programme (ATP) helps young researchers to acquire these skills through a range of lectures, workshops and other activities. Among others, we offer professional skills courses on topics such as:

  • Statistics
  • Scientific writing
  • How to give effective presentations
  • Leadership & management skills
  • Grants proposal writing
  • Intellectual property rights & patenting

Keep an eye on our upcoming events page to stay up to date regarding our programme of professional skills training.

In addition, IMB runs a range of other training activities for young researchers. These include:

This training is designed to provide young researchers with a wide breadth of skills and knowledge and will enable them to be successful in whatever future career they wish to take up.

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