Living in Mainz

Friendly city

Mainz is a charming, open-minded city that has been described as having the friendly atmosphere of a small city combined with the benefits of living in a large city.

The city has a cosmopolitan feel that makes it very welcoming, even if you don't speak German. Furthermore, many bars and restaurants provide English menus and there are cinemas, theatres and clubs with programmes in English and other languages.

With the large student population, there is always something going on in Mainz. Combined with the strong coffee shop and bar going culture, this means you're never far from meeting new and exciting people. 

Rich history

The city dates back 2,000 years to Roman times and still has a historic centre with a magnificent medieval cathedral.

It was also here, in 1450, that Johannes Gutenberg invented modern book printing. The city is located at the confluence of two of the most important rivers in Germany, the Rhine and the Main, and has spectacular esplanades.

Central location

Mainz is within easy reach of both cosmopolitan Frankfurt, with its famous opera house, avant-garde museums and glass-and-steel banking district, and the Rhine valley region with its castles, vineyards and nature reserves that offer great outdoor activities.

With Frankfurt airport – the largest airport in mainland Europe – only 25 minutes away, countless European and overseas destinations are within easy reach.