The MediaLab provides support for the day-to-day work of IMB's scientists, by producing more than 40 different solutions and culture media, managing sterilization and waste disposal services, and maintaining a stock of equipment and reagents. 

The MediaLab offers a daily service of media production, sterilization and waste management. In addition, this Core Facility provides and maintains a vector database, human ORF cDNA clone collection and cell line bank, which are authorized by the Gene Technological Authority and are available for use by all IMB scientists. The MediaLab also offers a New England BioLabs eFreezer (Hitchin, UK), which provides researchers with quick and easy access to restriction enzymes, DNA ladder and other genetic tools. In November 2014, a LifeTechnologiesTM Supply Centre was established in the Facility to provide cell culture equipment in house, including enzymes, media and media supplements. The needs of scientists at IMB are regularly assessed to ensure that equipment and reagents of consistent quality are always in stock, so that these are readily available when required.

Automated Petri dish filling station (left) linked with an inkjet printer for labelling (right). Currently, the MediaLab prepares around 2000 Petri dishes per week.