Bioinformatics Core Facility


The Bioinformatics Core Facility provides access to advanced data analysis tools and supports the IMB researchers at different levels; from basic bioinformatics services to full-scale scientific collaborations:

  • Consulting on experimental design of high-throughput projects
  • In-house training on bioinformatics tools and databases
  • Implementation and customisation of various software tools
  • Setup and development of automated data analysis pipelines for common assays
  • Data quality assessment, processing, visualisation, interpretation and presentation of results
  • Development of novel tools and custom methods for specific analysis tasks
  • Data mining of published datasets, correlation and integration of results
  • Assistance with the preparation of manuscripts and grant proposals

Some of the bioinformatics tools developed at IMB have been also made available to the research community:

  • dupRadar is a tool for RNA-seq PCR duplication rate assessment
  • PingPongPro is a tool for discovery of piRNA “ping-pong” signatures
  • NGSpipe2go is a set of modular pipelines for NGS data processing and analysis

For further information please contact the Bioinformatics Core Facility staff.