Honorary Professorship for IMB’s Christoph Cremer

November, 2013.Christoph Cremer, a Group Leader at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), has received an honorary professorship at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (JGU). The appointment recognizes Cremer’s pioneering work in the development of superresolution microscopy methods for analyzing the structure of the genome within cell nuclei. IMB is situated on the JGU campus and has close collaborations with the university.

The position was conferred earlier this fall by Rheinland-Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer, followed by a formal ceremony presided over by Prof. Dr Wolfgang Hofmeister, JGU’s Vice President for Research. With the appointment, Cremer will expand his teaching duties at JGU, which already encompass lectures in biomedical optics and physics as well as teaching contributions to IMB’s International PhD Programme in the Dynamics of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and the DNA Damage Response.


Figure 1. Two types of nuclear proteins in a cancer cell nucleus, imaged by epifluorescence microscopy (left) and two-color superresolution microscopy (right). Image from Gunkel et al., 2009.










 “The facilities and people at JGU are truly excellent, and I’m delighted to continue my work in this fascinating field at both IMB and JGU,” said Prof. Cremer. For more than four decades, he has worked to develop microscopy methods that will allow us to peer deeper into cells and their nuclei than ever before. Cremer was one of the first to conceptualize confocal laser scanning microscopes and 4Pi, or focused superresolution, microscopes in 1978. He was also instrumental in the realization of this latter microscope in the 1990s. His lab has achieved optical resolutions of biological structures down to five nanometers, rivaling electron microscopy methods. Using this “nanoscopy,” Cremer’s research group investigates the correlation between the nuclear genome and molecular epigenetics, and its consequences for gene regulation, development, cancer, and radiation biology.

Christoph Cremer received a doctorate in biophysics and genetics from the University of Freiburg in 1976. From 1983 to 2011 was professor at the University of Heidelberg, where he directed the research division on Applied Optics and Information Processing within the Institute of Applied Physics and the Kirchhoff Institute of Physics. In 2011 he relocated his research group to IMB in Mainz, where he continues to pursue improvements in superresolution microscopy and its applications to nuclear genomic structure and epigenetics.

Further information about Prof. Cremer’s research can be found at www.imb.de/cremer


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