Introduction to Epigenetics Lecture Series

Lectures within the Lecture Series "Introduction to Epigenetics" are primarily aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in Mainz, but are open to anyone who may be interested and wishes to attend.

The full schedule of the 2018/19 Lecture Series can be found below.

To download a copy of the poster announcing the Introduction to Epigenetics Lecture Series, please click here.

Lecturer Title Date Slides
Gert Pflugfelder

Introduction to epigenetics

16-10-2018 Click here
Lars Schomacher

DNA methylation & demethylation

23-10-2018 Click here
René Ketting

Small non-coding RNAs

30-10-2018 Click here
Natalia Soshnikova

Histone variants

06-11-2018 Click here
Mark Helm / Jean-Yves Roignant

Nucleic acid modifications / Mechanisms and functions of RNA modifications

13-11-2018 Coming soon
Eva Wolf

Circadian clocks as gene regulatory systems

20-11-2018 Click here
Anton Khmelinskii*

Prions: Epigenetics, evolution and disease

04-12-2018 Click here
Peter Baumann

The epigenetic clock

11-12-2018 Coming soon
Julian König

Genomic views of splicing regulation

18-12-2018 Click here
Falk Butter

Quantitative proteomics

08-01-2019 Coming soon
Christoph Cremer

Imaging the cell nucleus: Genome architecture & gene regulation

15-01-2019 Click here
Leszek Wojnowski

Epigenetics in the context of health & medicine

22-01-2019 Click here
Stefan Legewie **

Epigenetics: Quantitative approaches & theoretical models

29-01-2019 Coming soon
David Rosenkranz

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Evolution

05-02-2019 Click here


* CHANGE OF TIME. This lecture will start at 9:15 am.
**CHANGE OF LOCATION. These lectures will be held at: IMB, Meeting Room 1.624 (1st floor)

For more information, please contact Daniela Happel.