Each year IMB hosts a Lecture Series giving an "Introduction to Epigenetics". The lectures are primarily aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in Mainz, but are open to anyone who may be interested and wishes to attend.

Lectures will take place at IMB during the Winter Semester. They will be given by representatives from IMB, Johannes Gutenberg University and the University Medical Center.

The full schedule of the 2016/17 Lecture Series can be found below.

Lectures are held on Tuesdays, 8:15-9:45 am, IMB 2nd Floor Seminar Room (2.021/2.022)

Lecture Title Date

Gert Pflugfelder

Introduction to epigenetics 25.10.2016

David Rosenkranz***

Primate piRNA/PIWI: functional aspects & evolution / ncRNAs & the regulation of gene expression 08.11.2016

Christof Niehrs

DNA methylation & demethylation 15.11.2016

René Ketting

Roles of small ncRNAs in development 22.11.2016

Helle Ulrich

Genome maintenance in a chromatin context 29.11.2016

Vijay Tiwari / Natalia Soshnikova

Epigenetic regulation of cellular differentiation / Epigenetic regulation of sex determination 06.12.2016

Jean-Yves Roignant / Julian König

Epigenetics in alternative splicing / Genomic views of splicing regulation 13.12.2016

Mark Helm / Eva Wolf

Nucleic acid modifications / Circadian clocks as gene regulatory systems 20.12.2016

Petra Beli / Falk Butter

Chromatin biology & proteomics / Quantitative proteomics 10.01.2017

Christoph Cremer

Imaging the cell nucleus: Genome architecture & gene regulation 17.01.2017

Leszek Wojnowski ***

Epigenetics in the context of health & medicine 24.01.2017

Vassilis Roukos / Brian Luke

Insights into biogenesis of chromosome translocations / Heterochromatin at telomeres & the telomere position effect 31.01.2017

Miguel Andrade / Stefan Legewie

Data mining approaches to the prediction of gene and protein function / Epigenetics: quantitative approaches & theoretical models 07.02.2017

*** NOTE: CHANGE OF LOCATION. These lectures will be held at: HS7, Forum 1, JGU campus.

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