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Positions held

  • Since 2020: W2 Professor tenure track for Clinical Genomics and Bioinformatics and Deputy Director of the Institute of Human Genetics, University Medical Center (UMC), Mainz
  • 2016 - 2020:  Assistant Professor for Bioinformatics, Faculty of Biology, Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU), Mainz - Centre for Computational Sciences in Mainz (CSM); Head of the junior research group “Computational Systems Genetics”
  • 2011 - 2015: Postdoc, Faculty of informatics, Universita della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano, Institute of Computational Science


  • 2011: PhD in Theoretical Biophysics, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • 2007: MSc in Bioinformatics, Free University of Berlin and Konrad Zuse-Institute for Scientific Computing (ZIB)
  • 2004: BSc in Bioinformatics, Free University of Berlin and MPI for Molecular Genetics

Selected publications by Susanne Gerber

Navandar M, Martín-García E, Maldonado R, Lutz B, Gerber S* and Ruiz de Azua I* (2021) Transcriptional signatures in prefrontal cortex confer vulnerability versus resilience to food and cocaine addiction-like behavior. Sci Rep, 11:9076 (* indicates equal contribution) Link

Wierczeiko A, Gammel L, Radyushkin K, Nguyen VTT, Todorov H, Gerber A* and Endres K* (2021) Voluntary wheel running did not alter gene expression in 5xFAD mice, but in wild-type animals exclusively after one-day exercise bout. Cells, 10: 693 (*indicates equal contribution)Link

Ruffini N, Klingenberg S, Schweiger S and Gerber S (2020) Common factors in neurodegeneration: a meta-study revealing shared patterns on a multi-omics scaleCells, 9:2642 Link

Gerber S, Pospisil L, Navandar M and Horenko I (2020) Low-cost scalable discretization, prediction, and feature selection for complex systems. Sci Adv, 6:eaaw0961 Link

Hewel C, Kaiser J, Wierczeiko A, Linke J, Reinhardt C, Endres K and Gerber S. Common miRNA patterns of Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease and their putative impact on commensal gut microbiota (2019). Front Neurosci, 13:113 Link