2021 Online ISS: Activities & Training

The 2021 Online ISS offers young researchers the opportunity to develop their skills in an informal and international atmosphere. Find out below how.

Lecture series on Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability

Lectures and discussion groups by ISS Group Leaders will give you a comprehensive insight into the latest research findings and enable you to identify key open questions in gene regulation, epigenetics, DNA repair and genome stability.

"ISS at IMB offers a great environment, resources and fascinating scientific questions. It is an excellent opportunity – just take it and make the most of it!"

Scientific Work Groups

As an ISS student, you will work in groups on the topics of each lecture from the ISS Lecture Series on Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability.

Training in professional skills

During the ISS you will learn valuable professional skills, such as presentation and communication techniques that are required for a successful career as a scientist.

Networking with other researchers

At the 2021 Online ISS, you will have several opportunities to be in touch with other researchers and students participating in IMB’s International PhD Programme on “Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability”. Our supplementary programme of social activities including virtual coffee breaksand tours and interactive games and quizzes will allow you to network with other young scientists in Mainz and all over the world.


“This is a vibrant summer school at the cutting-edge of epigenetics and gene regulation”