Within the IPP, we make sure that our PhD students receive up-to-date training in all the techniques and skills they need to succeed. Therefore, we offer different lecture series as well as dedicated training courses on a variety of topics that will help you to advance your careers.

What will I learn?

Each summer, IMB runs a series of lectures on “Gene Regulation, Epigenetics & Genome Stability” for International PhD Programme (IPP) and International Summer School (ISS) students. These lectures are given by the group leaders of the IPP. They provide cutting-edge training on the central topics of the programme and present an overview of the research carried out within their groups. For up-to-date information on this lecture series, please click here. Furthermore, IMB hosts the lecture series on DNA Repair & Genome Stability as well as the Core Facilities Lectures on Modern Techniques in Life Sciences.

Within our IMB Seminar and Lecture series, internationally leading scientists regularly present their research. IMB TechTalks update researchers on the latest developments in equipment and technology. IMB also hosts an annual international conference and a number of other smaller workshops and symposia. Together, these events provide opportunities to hear about the latest research from around the world and to interact and form collaborations with those driving it.

The IMB Core Facilities offer numerous practical courses on state-of-the-art techniques. Topics include histology, advanced microscopy, cytometry and cell sorting, proteomics and genomics, statistics and bioinformatics.

In addition to learning new research techniques and methods, we also offer opportunities to develop professional skills that will support you in whichever career you pursue after your PhD. Currently these include:

  • Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Proposal Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Writing for the Public
  • Convincing Scientific Presentations
  • How to Design Scientific Figures
  • Presenting Scientific Data
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Professional Communication
  • Career Planning & Job Application Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Time & Self-management