Workshops and Speed Coaching Sessions

Workshops and Speed Coaching sessions were held to provide training in job hunting and interview techniques.



Workshop 1 "How to write cover letters” with B. Hoffbauer
Writing a cover letter can seem like a difficult Task: You have to draw attention to your resume to obtain an invitation instead of being ignored. Create the reader's desire to meet you! The workhsop will cover strategies of how to write an effective cover letter one step at a time.

Workshop 2 "How to improve your attitude about job interviews” with K. Ballesteros-Katemann
Making a great "first impression" is important. Interviewing is a learned skill. Improving your attitude will also lead to improving your performance. Visit the workshop to learn of practice tips and activities to sharpen your own skills for job interviews.

Both workshops will involve a lot of audience participation and there will be plenty of chances to ask questions to the trainers. This high level of interaction means participation is limited to 30 and only those who have signed-up will be able to take part.


Speed Coaching

Speed Coaching sessions will offer individual consultation for participants seeking advice regarding their job applications or what they should do in general when searching for a job.

Session 1 will be held in English while session 2 will be in German. To receive Speed Coaching you need to register on the sign-up sheet. So that more people can benefit from these sessions, the coaching will be open for others to listen to the advice being offered.



Workshop participation is limited to 30 people. Active participation in the Speed Coaching is limited to 7 people, but these sessions are open to observers.

To sign-up for these activities please enter your details on the sign-up sheet that will be available from 09:00 at IMB. Participation is on a first-come first-served basis.