Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
10 Dec 2013 TechTalk Raphael Werding Diagenode, Liège Bringing it all together: Diagenode's ChIP-seq workflow! Available here
28 Nov 2013 Lecture Marco Foiani IFOM Checkpoint mediated mechanisms controlling chromosome integrity Available here
26 Nov 2013 Seminar Yoshiko Takahashi Kyoto University Morphogenesis in development, cell communications and tubulogenesis Available here
26 Nov 2013 Seminar Florian Steiner Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Holocentromeres are dispersed point centromeres localized at transcription factor hotspots Available here
21 Nov 2013 Seminar Wouter de Laat Hubrecht Institute Gene regulation in the 3D genome Available here
14 Nov 2013 Seminar Frank Buchholz TU Dresden From high-throughput screens to biomedical knowledge Available here
11 Nov 2013 Seminar Luiz Penalva University of Texas, San Antonio Post-transcriptional networks: interplay between RNA binding proteins and miRNAs in brain tumors Available here
24 Oct 2013 Seminar Alexander Loewer Max Delbrück Center, Berlin The guardian on the move: dynamic regulation of p53 in individual cells Available here
01 Oct 2013 TechTalk Markus Goddemeier ProteinSimple, Germany Gel-free, Blot-free, Hands-free: Quantitative data by fully automated Western Systems Available here
26 Sep 2013 Seminar Christian Speck MRC Clinical Sciences Centre Loading of the MCM2-7 helicase onto DNA – one hexamer at a time! Available here
18 Sep 2013 Seminar Abraham Fainsod Hebrew University, Jerusalem Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: How alcohol modifies gene regulation by retinoic acid Available here
05 Sep 2013 Seminar Gunter Meister Universität Regensburg Biochemical dissection of miRNA biogenesis and function Available here
29 Aug 2013 Seminar Wolf-Dieter Heyer University of California, Davis Mechanisms and Regulation of Recombinational DNA Repair Available here
30 Jul 2013 TechTalk Mark D. Lynch Fluidigm Europe B.V. Exploring Single-Cell Genomics with the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System Available here
27 Jun 2013 Seminar Peter Becker Adolf Butenandt Institut, München Chromosome-wide tuning of transcription - how male flies get away with just one X chromosome Available here
20 Jun 2013 Seminar Eric Miska Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge Non-coding RNA: from genome stability to viral immunity Available here
13 Jun 2013 Seminar Alain Prochiantz Collège de France Homeoprotein signaling in development, health and disease Available here
11 Jun 2013 TechTalk Carsten Sönnichsen JGU Mainz Plasmonic Nanoparticles as sensor for single molecules Available here
04 Jun 2013 TechTalk Falk Schlaudraff Leica Microsystems CMS Laser Microdissection and Parkinson Disease: Quantitative gene expression analysis of individual human dopaminergic neurons from post-mortem midbrain tissue” Available here
28 May 2013 TechTalk Soeren Alsheimer Zeiss Light Sheet Microscopy – Next Generation Live Imaging Available here
14 May 2013 TechTalk Carsten Sönnichsen JGU Mainz Title to be confirmed Coming soon
13 May 2013 Seminar Jason Lieb The University of North Carolina The Nuclear Envelope: A Nexus for Gene Regulation Available here
07 May 2013 TechTalk Alexander Seitz Lexogen GmbH, Vienna Enabling complete transcriptome sequencing through SENSETM strand specific mRNA-Seq and SQUARETM full length transcript amplification technologies Available here
25 Apr 2013 Seminar Ernst Stelzer Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences Light Sheet-based Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) reduces Phototoxic Effects providing new Means for Modern Life Sciences Available here
16 Apr 2013 TechTalk Christoph Merten European Molecular Biology Laboratory Living droplets: Biology on a drastically miniaturized scale Available here