Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
03 Jul 2014 Seminar Stéphane Ronsseray Developmental Biology Laboratory (IBPS-LBD), Paris piRNAs and epigenetic conversion in Drosophila Available here
26 Jun 2014 Seminar Thomas Tuschl Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rockefeller University, New York Principles of posttranscriptional gene regulation Available here
05 Jun 2014 Seminar Christoph Plass DKFZ, Heidelberg Epigenetic reprogramming in cancer Available here
05 Jun 2014 TechTalk Malathi Raman Takara Bio Europe Cloning without compromise…discover In-Fusion®! Available here
22 May 2014 Seminar Juan Valcarcel Juarez ICREA and Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona Networks of alternative splicing regulation in cancer Available here
20 May 2014 TechTalk Douglas Amorese NuGEN Technologies Inc. Technologies for efficient generation of transcriptome data by next generation sequencing Available here
05 May 2014 Seminar Javier F. Caceres University of Edinburgh Cellular functions of the microprocessor Available here
23 Apr 2014 Seminar Maria Elena Torres-Padilla IGBMC, Strasbourg Epigenetic mechanisms in early mammalian development Available here
22 Apr 2014 Seminar Robert Schneider IGBMC, Strasbourg Novel players in the regulation of genome function Available here
15 Apr 2014 TechTalk Anina Moritz Takara Bio Europe SMARTer® Solutions for Low Input Transcriptome Sequencing Available here
28 Mar 2014 Seminar Christian Eckmann Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics C. elegans germline development – a GoLD mine to unearth RNA regulatory networks Available here
27 Mar 2014 Seminar Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna IFOM CANCELLED - Molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence & a role for RNA in DNA damage response Available here
20 Mar 2014 Seminar Adele Murrell University of Bath Genomic imprinting: merely parental conflict or a model system of epigenetic paradigms for cellular reprogramming? Available here
13 Mar 2014 Seminar Didier Stainier MPI for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim Imaging organ formation and function in zebrafish Available here
13 Mar 2014 TechTalk Karl-Heinz Brenner University of Heidelberg Scanning Microscopy with Diffractive Microlenses Available here
06 Mar 2014 Seminar Baris Tursun MDC Berlin Safeguarding Cellular identities - Identifying Mechanisms that counteract Direct Reprogramming Available here
04 Mar 2014 none Jonas Ries EMBL Heidelberg Superresolution Microscopy of Protein Structures in Situ Available here
26 Feb 2014 TechTalk Christina Wege University of Stuttgart Light-optical nanoscopy rulers based on plant viral assemblies: from imaging tools to biodetection and multifunctional hybrids Available here
20 Feb 2014 Seminar Antoine Peters Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel Epigenetic Control of Mammalian Germ Line and Early Embryonic Development Available here
11 Feb 2014 TechTalk Mathias Holpert Merck Millipore, Germany Take control of your cells’ micro-environment for better live cell imaging Available here
05 Feb 2014 Seminar Francois Spitz EMBL Heidelberg Managing long-distance regulatory interactions in development and disease Available here
04 Feb 2014 Seminar Brian Luke University of Heidelberg Non-coding RNA, checkpoint adaptation and cellular senescence: A telomere perspective Available here
04 Feb 2014 TechTalk Peter Rhein Merck Chemicals GmbH , Life Science Division, Germany Applications of High Speed High Content Image Analysis of Cells in Suspension Using Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometry Available here
23 Jan 2014 Seminar Magdalena Götz Helmholtz Center & LMU, Munich Novel regulators of neural stem cells Available here
12 Dec 2013 Seminar Asifa Akhtar MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Freiburg X chromosome dosage compensation: A paradigm to study epigenetic regulation Available here