Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
30 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Markus Sauer University of Würzburg Super-resolution fluorescence imaging by dSTORM Available here
23 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky MDC, Berlin CANCELLED- Linear and circular RNAs Available here
02 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Rolf Zeller University of Basel       Limb organogenesis and evolution: from signals to  gene regulatory landscapes Available here
19 May 2016 Seminar Prof. Howard Cedar The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Understanding the role of DNA methylation in health and disease Available here
12 May 2016 Seminar Prof. Hemmo Meyer University of Duisburg-Essen Ubiquitin-mediated protein extraction from chromatin as a regulatory principle Available here
28 Apr 2016 Seminar Prof. Peter Stadler University of Leipzig Catching monsters in RNA land: mapping atypical transcripts Available here
21 Apr 2016 Seminar Prof. Luis Serrano Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona Quantitative understanding of a bacterium, towards a realistic whole cell model Available here
07 Apr 2016 Seminar Dr Markus Landthaler MDC Berlin CANCELLED: Regulatory protein-RNA interactions Available here
17 Mar 2016 Seminar Prof. Henrik Kaessmann ZMBH Heidelberg The evolutionary dynamics of mammalian gene expression across multiple dimensions Available here
29 Feb 2016 TechTalk Dr Nicola Crosetto Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Quantitative DNA breakome analysis in low input samples Available here
25 Feb 2016 Seminar Dr Cheng-Fu Kao Academia Sinica, Taiwan The roles of H2B ubiquitylation in DNA replication and transcription Available here
11 Feb 2016 Seminar Prof. Dieter Heermann Heidelberg University Spatial organization of the genome and the interplay with proteins Available here
28 Jan 2016 Seminar Prof. Matthias Selbach MDC Berlin Proteome dynamics Available here
14 Jan 2016 Seminar Prof. Andrés Aguilera University of Sevilla RNA-mediate genome instability and replication stress Available here
10 Dec 2015 Seminar Dr Teresa Teixeira The Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotes, Paris How telomeres determine the route to senescence Available here
07 Dec 2015 Seminar Dr Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis Institute Curie, Paris Killing to survive: chromatin control of protein degradation in the nucleus Available here
03 Dec 2015 Seminar Dr Kyung-Min Noh EMBL Heidelberg Read to act: histone reading module in chromatin writer and remodeler Available here
26 Nov 2015 Seminar Dr Karsten Rippe DKFZ Heidelberg Integrative analysis of epigenetic networks: from cell lines to primary tumor cells Available here
24 Nov 2015 TechTalk Dr Illip Burmester Quanterix Corporation Using single molecule arrays (Simoa): technology and applications Available here
12 Nov 2015 Seminar Prof. Ian Hickson University of Copenhagen CANCELLED- How unfinished business from S-phase impacts on chromosome segregation in mitosis Available here
09 Nov 2015 TechTalk Dr Nicola Crosetto Karolinska Institute CANCELLED - Quantitative DNA breakome analysis in lowinput samples Available here
05 Nov 2015 Seminar Dr Anne Ephrussi EMBL Heidelberg Assembly and transport of oskar mRNPs in the Drosophila oocyte Available here
22 Oct 2015 Seminar Prof. Steven Brown University of Zurich Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of circadian plasticity Available here
08 Oct 2015 Seminar Prof. Martin Vingron Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin Computing networks for histone modifications and modifiers Available here
24 Sep 2015 Seminar Prof.Ana Pombo MDC Berlin Complex multi-enhancer contacts captured in ES cells by Genome Architecture Mapping, a novel ligation-free approach Available here