Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
19 Sep 2019 SFB 1361 Seminar Prof. Amir Aharoni Ben Gurion University, Israel Live cell measurements of eukaryotic DNA replication kinetics Available here
18 Jun 2019 IMB Seminar Dr. Dorothee Dormann Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich RNA-binding proteins in neurodegeneration – from nuclear transport defects to aberrant phase separation Available here
11 Jun 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr Udo Birk University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur Image analysis using deep learning Available here
06 Jun 2019 SFB 1361 Seminar Prof. Caroline Kisker Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg News from TFIIH − Putting together the pieces Available here
28 May 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr Narayana H. Mohan Indian Council of Agricultural Research-National Research Centre on Pig, Assam Climate change: Physiogenomic responses to heat stress Available here
22 May 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Prof. Martin Michel JGU Mainz The Reproducibility Crisis: Can you trust your data? Available here
09 May 2019 IMB Seminar Prof. Kim Sneppen University of Copenhagen Theoretical tool bridging cell polarities with development of morphologies Available here
07 May 2019 TechTalk Dr. Hannes Arnold / Dr. Thorsten Lemker 10x Genomics, Inc. 10x Genomics Chromium Technology: Multiple Features in Single Cells - Biology at True Resolution Available here
17 Apr 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr Leopold Parts Wellcome Sanger Institute, Hinxton Imaging (cancer) stem cell dynamics in living mice Available here
05 Apr 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Prof. Abraham Fainsod The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Alcohol drinking and its negative effects on retinoic acid signalling Available here
04 Apr 2019 IMB Seminar Prof. Jacco van Rheenen Netherlands Cancer Institute Imaging (cancer) stem cell dynamics in living mice Available here
01 Apr 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Prof. Mischa Bonn Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz How to get funded Available here
21 Mar 2019 SFB 1361 Seminar Prof. Lorenza Penengo University of Zurich Role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modifiers in the regulation of genome stability Available here
21 Feb 2019 SFB 1361 Seminar Prof. Anne Donaldson University of Aberdeen Lessons from yeast on human chromosome maintenance Available here
20 Feb 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr. Basant Kumar Thakur University Clinic of Essen DNA in extracellular vesicles (exosome): functional potential in cell-to-cell communication in cancer and metastasis Available here
18 Feb 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr Anne Vieten Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz How to manage your research data Available here
14 Feb 2019 SFB 1361 Seminar Dr Boris Pfander Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried “Double strand break repair” - control by chromatin and the cell cycle Available here
13 Feb 2019 IMB Seminar Prof. Jovica Ninkovic Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Regulation of progenitor fate in the adult brain Available here
12 Feb 2019 TechTalk Dr. Angela Garding Covaris Ltd. Robust Sample Preparation Solutions for Chromatin-based Applications Available here
10 Jan 2019 Ad Hoc Seminar Prof. Florian Steiner University of Geneva The role of histone H3 variants in development and disease Available here
04 Dec 2018 Mainz Microscopy Connection Talk Prof. Theo Lasser Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Imaging beyond scales Available here
22 Nov 2018 IMB Seminar Prof. Wendy Bickmore University of Edinburgh Gene regulation in the 3D nucleus Available here
08 Nov 2018 IMB Seminar Dr Gaëlle Legube Center for Integrative Biology, Toulouse Chromatin and chromosome dynamics at DNA double-strand breaks Available here
30 Oct 2018 Ad Hoc Seminar Dr Jan Krauß & Dr David Kuttenkeuler Patent Attorneys, Boehmert & Boehmert, Munich Intellectual property rights in life sciences - Basics, strategies & specialties, pitfalls & troubleshooting for scientists Available here
25 Oct 2018 IMB Seminar Prof. Gernot Längst University of Regensburg Nucleosomes stabilise RNA-DNA triple helices in human cells Available here