Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
11 Apr 2013 Seminar Axel Imhof LMU München Heterochromatin and the formation of species Available here
04 Apr 2013 Seminar Noel Buckley King's College London Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of neural stem cells Available here
28 Mar 2013 Seminar Till Bartke MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, London Using Chemical Biology and Proteomics to Understand how DNA and Histone Modifications Regulate the Activity of Chromatin Available here
19 Mar 2013 TechTalk Illip Burmester Silicon Biosystems S.p.A DEP Array - Image based sorting of viable, 100% pure single cells Available here
07 Mar 2013 Seminar Thomas Jenuwein Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Making and breaking the heterochromatin Available here
05 Mar 2013 TechTalk Mike Schutkowski Martin-Luther-University Halle Profiling of Epigenetic Targets using Peptide Microarrays Available here
31 Jan 2013 Seminar Michael Boutros DKFZ, Heidelberg Extracellular space travel by Wnt proteins Available here
24 Jan 2013 Seminar Hannah Mischo Cancer Research UK / London Research Institute Wear and Tear – how transcriptional processes impact on genome stability and cell cycle progression Available here
18 Dec 2012 TechTalk Harry Böltz NanoString Technologies Europe Gene expression analysis down to the single cell level by digital quantification of nucleic acids utilizing a color-coded barcode technology Available here
06 Dec 2012 Lecture Denis Duboule University of Geneva Large scale gene regulation at the HoxD cluster Available here
13 Nov 2012 Seminar Paola Arlotta Harvard Stem Cell Institute Programming and reprogramming projection neuron subtypes in the cerebral cortex Available here
08 Nov 2012 Lecture Susan Gasser Friedrich Miescher Institute Organizing the genome for development: mechanisms that segregate hetero- and eu-chromatin Available here
25 Oct 2012 Seminar Thomas Höfer DKFZ, Heidelberg Stochastic switches in mammalian gene induction Available here
11 Oct 2012 Seminar Mischa Bonn Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Label-free, quantitative microscopy of cells Available here
09 Oct 2012 TechTalk Lars Ohl and Michael Liebler Merck Millipore Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometry: Applications of High Speed High Content Image Analysis of Cells in Suspension Available here
04 Oct 2012 Seminar Attila Becskei Biozentrum, University of Basel The role of chromatin and transcriptional networks in cellular differentiation and memory Available here
18 Sep 2012 Seminar Rudi Balling Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine Systems approaches to Parkinson’s disease Available here
07 Sep 2012 TechTalk Andreas Keller Saarland University Precision diagnostics: high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics on the way to clinical routine Available here
30 Aug 2012 Lecture Huck Hui Ng Genome Institute of Singapore Systems Biology of Stem Cells Available here
28 Aug 2012 TechTalk Antje Krause University of Applied Sciences Bingen Bioinformatics Education in Germany Available here
05 Jul 2012 Seminar Orlando D. Schärer Stony Brook University Regulating nuclease activity in human DNA repair pathways Available here
22 Jun 2012 Seminar Helle Ulrich Cancer Research UK, London Research Control of DNA Damage Bypass by Ubiquitin and SUMO Available here
21 Jun 2012 Seminar Dirk Schübeler Friedrich Miescher Institute Genetic determinants of the epigenome Available here
19 Jun 2012 TechTalk Bertil Schmidt Institute of Informatics, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz Parallel Algorithms and Tools for NGS and Sequence Analysis Available here
15 Jun 2012 Seminar Olivier Pourquié IGBMC, Strasbourg Epigenetic control of embryonic symmetry Available here