Call for Abstracts

The conference organisers invite the submission of abstracts from which short talks and poster presentations will be selected. The abstract submission deadline is 17 August 2014.

Submissions should comprise the following: 

  • a title (maximum of 150 characters; incl. spaces)
  • the author(s) (maximum of 250 characters; incl. spaces)
  • the author(s)’ affiliation(s) (maximum of 350 characters; incl. spaces)
  • the abstract text (maximum of 2,500 characters; incl. spaces)


The scientific organisers of the conference will use the submitted abstracts as the basis of their decisions to invite participants to present posters and short talks. Please note, however, that once you are registered for the conference and have paid the registration fee, you are guaranteed participation in the conference irrespective of whether your abstract is selected for a presentation.

Abstracts are submitted as part of the registrationprocess. During registration you will be given the choice of submitting an abstract for a short talk, a poster presentation, either of these options or none, should you not wish to present at the conference. Based on your choice, an online submission form will be displayed which allows you to enter the information detailed above. Please then proceed to the next step to complete your registration.