Details of past scientific meetings held at IMB can be found below.

Date Event Meeting website
1-2 Dec 2016 Challenges in Computational Biology Workshop: Gene Expression Data Analysis Click here
30 Nov 2016 Student Symposium on Computational Genomics Click here
28 Oct 2016 Science Slam at Frankfurter Hof Coming soon
20-22 Oct 16 2016 IMB Conference "Epigenetics in Development" Click here
7-8 Oct 2016 Science Slam Workshop Coming soon
20-21 Jul 2016 Should we live forever? - A biological and ethical perspective Click here
8-10 Jul 2016 In Zukunft Mainz Coming soon
19 May 2016 Young Investigators in Epigenetics: Features young investigators addressing challenging questions in epigenetics Click here
28 Apr 2016 Girls' Day at JGU Click here
24 Mar 2016 KinderUni Click here
15-18 Nov 15 iCLIP workshop 2015: EMBO practical course Click here
9 Nov 2015 Challenges in Computational Biology Workshop Click here
6 Nov 2015 IMB Life Sciences Career Day Click here
2 Nov 2015 Funding opportunities of the European Research Council Click here
29 Sep 15 Die Verzauberung der Welt Click here
4-7 June 2015 2015 IMB Conference: "DNA Repair & Genome Stability in a Chromatin Environment" Click here
19-20 Mar 2015 Breakthroughs in Epigenetics Workshop Click here
9-12 Oct 2014 2014 IMB Conference: "Nuclear RNA in Gene Regulation & Chromatin Structure" Click here
17-20 Oct 2013 2013 IMB Conference: "Chromatin Dynamics & Stem Cells" Click here
19-20 Sep 2013 EpiGeneSys workshop: "Epigenomics as a Discovery Tool in Current Biology" Click here
12 Jun 2013 Nucleome workshop: "Functional Nuclear Organisation in Space and Time" Click here
24 Oct 2012 2012 IMB Conference: "DNA Demethylation, DNA Repair and Beyond" Click here
17 Mar 2013 The 2012 IMB Symposium: "Frontier in Epigenetics and DNA Repair" Click here